anb - anb is not best (README for the free lattice Boltzmann code 'anb')


Starting with lattice gas/Boltzmann in 1992, I found it really hard to write a working code from the scratch only by the help of some papers. Now, years later, I find it really hard to show newcomers to our group the principles of lattice Boltzmann coding by the help of our large and complicated code BEST, which has been optimized for vector-parallel computers.

This is the reason, why I have written a rhichly documented self explaining lattice Boltzmann code, where I tried to make everything as clear and simple as possible. The code is called anb, what simply means anb is not best.

I hope, anb could be used for learning and teaching. It could and should not be used for 'real' computations, esp. not for time- and memory consuming runs on big (and expensive) machines ! Nearly every routine in anb could be coded more efficient, less memory consuming ... and less clear.

The source code for 'anb' is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


anb is written is FORTRAN 77, and has been tested on various platforms (SUN, HP, SGI, Linux-PC, Fujitsu VPP, Cray T-90, NEC SX 4/5). It contains of the source code itself anb.f, one configuration file anb.par and one obstacle file anb.obs, which represents the geometry information of the flow domain. You can have a look at the source here !


Of course, you can just type f77 anb.f (or what ever the FORTRAN 77 compiler is called on your system ...) and then run the executable. You will see some messages written to stdout and - in the end - find some new files on your hard disk which are the results of the computation. If you have some visualization tool for post processing (like TECPLOT, for this you can get a temporarily free license at you can have a look at the flow you just simulated by the help of anb. Maybe you should do this, to see if everything works ... But then, you should do, what the code has been written for: read and try to understand the source of anb.f


The package contains:

You can dwonload the "zip"-package here:

The configuration files

The result files